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Papier recyclé


With a background in social sciences and management sciences, we decided to think of an innovative consulting approach that is closer to the field. In 2015, we created the "Waste me up" association and conducted several missions relating to solid waste management in East Africa and India alongside companies, SMEs, NGOs and foundations. It was back in France and following experiences in a consulting firm that we decided to create AZIMIO.



Graduated with a master's degree in Entrepreneurship at HEC Paris, Laurène specializes in collecting data and conducting interviews with public and private actors in the waste, water and energy sectors. She has also worked as an investigator  within major media.

Laurène co-founded AZIMIO in 2018, a consulting firm specializing in supporting and supporting circular economy projects. Within AZIMIO, Laurène works mainly to support projects related to ecological and social transition (water, lighting, waste) in pioneering territories, with a view to facilitating systemic changes.

Laurène has conducted numerous diagnostics and surveys in the field, allowing her to acquire valuable expertise in qualitative survey methods. To this end and within AZIMIO, Laurène has developed a methodology derived from action research, with a view to studying and integrating socio-economic and territorial conditions in the implementation of long-term projects.

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A graduate of a Master's in Sustainability & Social Innovation at HEC Paris, Nora Youcefi specializes in social and environmental issues related to land development projects, particularly in terms of waste management.

She has conducted numerous field surveys with a view to prefiguring the establishment of infrastructures and public services in various geographical areas: Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Republic of Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Morocco, Lebanon. She has also coordinated consultancy assignments in the field of waste and sustainable cities in France and abroad.

In 2018, Nora co-founded AZIMIO, where she works specifically on developing survey methodologies and field data collection. Nora has also developed experience in conducting prospective studies on social and environmental transition issues (behavioral changes, low-tech, etc.) and in the development of educational programs on the circular economy.


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